Fibrescreed CRS

Fibrescreed CRS

  • Remains flexible at low temperatures and stable at high temperatures

  • Material acts as a flexible seal as well as repairing the damaged arrises

  • Fast installation minimizes traffic management and aircraft disruptions

  • Neat in appearance, CRS is designed to blend with the surrounding surface.

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Prismo® Fibrescreed CRS is a flexible repair for concrete carriageways and pavements. Long term solution to damaged cracks and joints.

When minor faults in concrete carriageways and aircraft pavements are left to the continuing effects of water ingress, freeze-thaw cycles and increased traffic volumes, the result is inevitably an area of spalling which rapidly deteriorates and becomes a hazard.

Prismo® CRS incorporates Fibrescreed RC100. This unique, patented material is a polymer modified bitumen with fibre reinforcement, rubber granules and granite aggregates.

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