Prismo Rainline

Prismo Rainline

  • Premium wet and nighttime system preventing water accumulating on the surface of the line or adjacent to it

  • Heavy-duty system used for edge and centre line markings

  • Environmentally friendly, it is 100% solids and contains no solvents

  • Durable fibre-reinforced ribs retain their shape under the heaviest of trafficking

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Prismo® Rainline® is the premier road marking for improved wet night visibility. Prismo® Rainline® is a specialist thermoplastic road marking material which is profiled to maximise wet night visibility. Also flatline is now available.

The thermoplastic is applied by extrusion or screed techniques and immediately embossed to create a continuous pattern of inverted profiles on the road surface, as edge, lane line or centre line carriage markings.

Prismo® RainLine® consists of a specialist mixture of light coloured aggregates, pigment and extender bound together with a thermoplastic binder system. We also manufacture a non structured range with wet night visibility characteristics (flatline).

Used for edge and centre line markings, the pattern applied shall be such that the profiles are rotated slightly to the direction of on-coming vehicles.

The angle formed between the profile and a line taken normal to the axis of the road marking shall be nominally 15° and no more than 20°. Markings applied to lane separation lines may be angled or transverse to the axis of the line.

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