Prismo Crystalex

Prismo Crystalex

  • High performance road marking with excellent Durability that can be screed or extruded

  • Formulated to meet all climatic weather conditions

  • Economical refurbishment for touching up worn, liner thermoplastic markings

  • Intended for use in areas where a night time reflectivity is required

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Reflectorised Thermoplastic Road Marking Systems. Prismo® Crystalex® is reflective thermoplastic road marking system available in a wide range of performance and composition specifications to meet all global climatic conditions and country demands.

Prismo® Crystalex® products consist of special thermoplastic binder systems made from resins that come from sustainable and renewable sources. On highways for traffic delineation, advisory markings and mandatory markings and any other areas where a night time reflectivity is required.