Prismo Vibraline

Prismo Vibraline

  • Profiled thermoplastic marking system with solid glass beads giving immediate retroflectivity

  • Base lines and ribs are applied in one quick continuous operation

  • Provides a visual, sensory, and audible warning to drivers

  • Formulated to have enhanced wet night visibility, useful for motorways, dual carriageways and airfields

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Prismo® Vibraline® provides a visual, sensory & audible warning to drivers straying out of lane. A specialist thermoplastic road marking material, which can be laid as a profiled edge line marking to enhance wet night visibility and which, when overrun, will provide a sensory and auditory impulse to the motorist.

Prismo® Vibraline® thus offers safety benefits in poor weather and additional sensory perception at all times. It consists of a mixture of light coloured aggregates, pigment and extender bound together with a thermoplastic binder system.

The exact composition of a Primso® Vibraline® grade will depend on the specification requirements.The thermoplastic is applied by a screed technique, through a special shoe, which has a controlled shutter to create the distinctive rib pattern of the marking.

In order to give optimum wet night visibility, particular attention should be paid to creation of a rib of an approximate trapezoidal profile such that the lead and trail faces slope at an angle of around 45°.

On motorways and dual carriageways (as delineation between the hard shoulder and lane one, and the outside lane and central reservation). On airfields (to demarcate vehicle routes).

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