Prismo Lifeline

Prismo Lifeline

  • Proven to improve delineation and increase preview time

  • Decrease crash rates on highways with RPM center lines

  • Specially engineered bottom ensures aggressive grip to the roadway

  • Recommended for high ADT and high intensity conditions

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Prismo® Lifeline® is a high quality thermoplastic road marking system available in a wide range of performance levels to meet all the requirements as specified by the client and National Highway Authorities. On highways for traffic delineation, advisory markings and mandatory markings as specified by the National Highways Agencies.

Prismo® Lifeline® products consists of a special thermoplastic binder systems that are made from resins that come from renewable sources, the exact composition of a Prismo® Lifeline® grade and the specific surface drop on beads needed will depend on the specification requirements.

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