Prismo Guidemaster

Prismo Guidemaster

  • Non-reflective thermoplastic road marketing

  • Quick application allowing for minimal traffic disruption

  • Available in a wide range of colours, with custom colours on request

  • Ideal thermoplastic for off-highway markings such as car park where retroreflectivity is not neededs

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Prismo® Guidemaster® is a non-reflective thermoplastic road marking system available in White, Yellow, Primrose, Deep Cream and Red. It can also be supplied as a neutral base without any colorant, which can be coloured to your own requirements with any shade of pigment that can be supplied by Ennis-Flint®.

Guidemaster® products consist of special thermoplastic binder systems that are made from resins that come from sustainable and renewable sources. On highways for traffic delineation, advisory markings and mandatory markings where there is Class 1 street lighting. The Yellow, Deep Cream, Primrose and Red are used mainly for areas with parking restrictions. Coloured markings in car parks and playgrounds.