Prismo Zebraflex

Prismo Zebraflex

  • Durable, hot screed, specialist hand applied skid resistant surface treatment

  • Applies to asphalt, macadam, and concrete surfaces, new or old.

  • Less weather sensitive than epoxy and polyurethane based products and can be applied all year round

  • Rapid cure, allowing for quick application and minimal closure time

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Zebraflex® Thermoplastic skid resistant surface treatment is a BBA/HAPAS approved Type 1 material conforming to S.H.W. Clause 924. Prismo® Zebraflex® Type 1 is ideal for use on sharp bends, bridges, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, junctions and other hazard sites.

Prismo Zebraflex® Type 1 is a highly durable, hot screed, specialist hand applied, skid resistant surface treatment consisting of a polymer modified plasticised rosin ester incorporating 100% high PSV calcined bauxite.

Zebraflex® provides a well textured durable matrix typically 5mm thick. The Zebraflex® system can be readily applied to asphalt, macadam and concrete surfaces (providing the latter is suitably primed) and is available in Guyanan or Chinese Bauxite grades. Prismo Zebraflex® Type 1 can bepigmented for specialist applications.

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