Prismoseal and FAOB

Prismoseal and FAOB

  • Remains flexible all season, strong bond to compatible bituminous surfacing

  • Complies with BBA HAPAS guideline performance requirements

  • Not sensitive climatic conditions unlike chemical cure systems

  • A cost effective repair solution that can be applied by applied by mechanized equipment or hand tools

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High output crack sealing on major highways Asphalt surfacing crack repair system for seam repair, reflective cracking etc. A hot applied asphalt surfacing crack repair material, based on polymer modified bitumen technology.

The product is 100% solids with no solvents or other volatile ingredients. The product may be applied to the road surface by mechanized equipment or hand tools.

Drying time (cooling time) is 5 minutes in normal application conditions. Prismoseal® FAOB conforms to the performance requirements of the BBA HAPAS scheme for Crack Sealing Systems for Highways.

The system category is clause 1.4. Type: Fill and Overband Systems suitable for repair of cracks up to 40mm approximate width. Repairs to cracks in asphalt surfacing. Seam and joint cracks.

Reflective cracking and other ‘linear cracking’. Also suitable for some network cracking but advice from Technical Department should be sought. Surface skid resistance maintained by application of second stage textured band.

Available as standard grade (60SRV) or HFS grade (70SRV+).