Waterborne Airfield Paint

Waterborne Airfield Paint

  • Extremely stable formulation providing an extended shelf life

  • Environmentally-friendly material

  • Minimal shrinkage so less prone to cracking

  • Non-flammable, no special solvents needed, excellent bead retention

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Ennis-Flint® manufactures a range of waterborne paints which adhere to the international specification TT-P-1952F PAINT TRAFFIC AIRFIELD MARKING WATERBORNE.

These products are formulated specifically for airless equipment and conventional air atomised equipment used in painting airport runways and taxiways, and are suitable for use on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

The glass beads used in conjunction with these markings meet specification TT-B-1325D – Beads (Glass Spheres) Retro-Reflective. The range of waterborne paint produced by Ennis-Flint® includes products that meet the TYPE II and Type III specifications of TT-P-1952F.

These paints are all 100% acrylic, free of mercury, lead, chromium, toluene and chlorinated solvents. Available ICAO approved colours: white, yellow, black, red, blue, green (all colours are lead free)