Prismo StoneGrip

Prismo StoneGrip

  • Aesthetically pleasing, durable, low maintenance and weed free, Non-slip

  • Uniform finish, no loose stone, excellent colour stability

  • Footpaths, bridle paths, pedestrian precincts, landscaping schemes

  • Decorative areas, driveways, heritage areas, housing developments

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Prismo® Stonegrip® is a specialist, hand applied surface treatment, consisting of a thermosetting, modified epoxy resin binder, dressed with a decorative aggregate. A wide range of aggregates is available comprising of different colours and sizes. The binder and/or aggregate can also be pigmented. The end result provides an attractive, well textured surface, with a high level of slip resistance.

The system can be applied to a range of surfaces including asphalt, macadam and concrete – providing the concrete has been suitably primed. Careful selection of products and materials appropriate to their function and in keeping with the surrounding area is fundamental to successful landscape design.

Ennis-Flint’s decorative, durable, low maintenance surface treatment Stonegrip®, allows you to transform urban environments, rural settings and heritage areas in to attractive, prestigious landscapes.

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