Prismo Multiseal

Prismo Multiseal

  • Crack and joint sealing compound designed to repair weak spots in any road surface or airport runway

  • Performs over a wide range of road temperatures

  • Improved flow resistance

  • Good flexibility at low temperatures

  • Used to seal horizontal construction expansion and contraction joints

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Multiseal is a bitumen based crack repair system that offers long-term solution to cracks and defects in concrete and asphalt surface. Early identification and repair of damaged surfaces using the Ennis-Flint® range can avoid the need for costly resurfacing.

Surface cracks and joints are the proven weak spots in any road surface or airport runway, with the constant wear and tear of passing traffic can mean that weaknesses develop into dangerous and costly hazards. Multiseal helps correct and repair at the first signs of weakness, avoiding the need for constant repairs and high expenses on concrete and asphalt surfaces.