Prismo Fibrescreed Rout and Seal Repairs

Prismo Fibrescreed Rout and Seal Repairs

  • Quick to install with minimal disruption to traffic

  • Neat in appearance and blends with the surrounding surface

  • Extends useful life of pavement

  • Economic and cost effective

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Prismo® Fibrescreed rout and seal repairs is a flexible crack repair system for asphalt and concrete surfaces. For the treatment of cracks up to 15mm wide. The patented Prismo® Fibrescreed range of materials and systems offers various solutions to a wide range of pavement and carriageway defects.

The vast majority of failures on highways and aircraft pavements originate from cracks and joints which remain untreated for extended periods, allowing water and salts to penetrate, leading to the rapid deterioration of the surfaces and more extensive sub-base failures.

Prismo® Firbrescreed RS is typically used for shrinkage cracks and reflective cracking as well as lane joints. It is also used for random cracking in black top surfaces including footways, highways and aircraft pavements.

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