Prismo Fibrescreed RC 100

Prismo Fibrescreed RC 100

  • Cost effective answer to the problems of severe cracking

  • Fast efficient application reduces costly traffic disruption

  • Excellent adhesion to both cement and bitumen bound substrates

  • Recess ensures a controlled depth of material and provides a uniform surface

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Prismo® Fibrescreed is a flexible repair for concrete and asphalt surfaces. For the treatment of severe cracks in highways and aircraft pavements.

The patented Prismo® Fibrescreed range of materials and systems offers various solutions to a wide range of pavement and carriageway defects.

The vast majority of failures on highways and aircraft pavements originate form cracks and joints which remain untreated for extended periods, allowing water and salts to penetrate leading to the rapid deterioration of the surfaces and more extensive sub-base failures.

Prismo® Fibrescreed RC 100 can be used as reflective cracks in black top overlays and veneer surfaces. It is also commonly used for repairing joints and cracks in concrete carriageways and pavements.

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